Photography has always been a way for me to share my thoughts and visions. It’s another language that I’m far from fluent in, but with every shoot, I learn to speak a little bit more to the world. Love, hope, anger, pain, every conceivable emotion and action can be conveyed with the right vision. My style is ever-evolving, but I like working with natural light, and shooting on the go.

My specialty is portrait photography, but I’m for the most part, a generalist photographer. Wherever inspiration strikes, I shoot.

Along with that, I partner with small businesses and bloggers to help create and bring alive their vision for whatever it is they need.

I’m a big fan of fantasy photography, and tend to lean toward darker imagery. Although most of my portfolio doesn’t show that, I would like to partner with models in order to create more interesting shoot ideas. Even though I’m a FT photographer, I’m always on the look out for freelance work, and am open to all projects. My rates are pretty reasonable, and I have an extremely quick turn around for imagery.

I’m located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the site, and I look forward to sharing my visual journey with you.